How It Works

The E-Co Shower System is designed to naturally draw in air to give water saving a new dimension. Conventional water savers restrict the flow of water. This innovative system dynamically modifies and improves the delivery of water. 

How? Built in air venturi The shower system uses an air venturi similar to a spa bath, for example, as you open the spa jet the air is automatically drawn in forcing a strong current of bubbles through the outlet. The effect of air and water mixing together causes bubbles or air bubbles covered in water, and soft on the skin. When the bubbles hit your skin they pop and the water sticks to you. 

Please Note: In this video the plastic container is for demonstration purposes only.

Inside the shower head, the air causes turbulence, spinning the water very fast.   Due to this dramatic effect, it not only gains extra velocity giving a "very comfortable spray" of what you would expect from a conventional shower, it also keeps the shower head continuously clean, eliminating any build up of mould and calcium. 

Savings! The air venturi helps reduce water usage by two thirds, using approximately ±7.5 litres per minute.   Not only do you save two thirds of your water, you also reduce your energy costs as you do not have to heat that extra two thirds anymore. 

Normal showers and other water savers (that have no air effect) release a full bead of water that bounce off your body therefore it takes more water to wet you.   With the bubble effect, you actually get wetter under an E-Co Shower, (normal showers use 20 – 30 litres or more per minute, depending on the water pressure). 

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Products that not only last more than a lifetime and which are also environmentally useful are the greatest protection against waste and can be better than reuse or recycling. 

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All of our products are water and energy savers which can be customised to suit specific needs.  

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